Friday, September 23, 2011

Jesus was counter-cultural.

Jesus was counter-cultural. 
The religious teachers.
Selfishly ambitious in the things they did.
Publicly prideful in the things they didn’t do. 
The irreligious.
liberally licentious in the things they did.
yet zealously rebellious in the things they didn’t do. 
Jesus purposefully rebelled against the religious.
Intentionally guided the irreligious back toward Truth.
Confounded both parties.
Jesus healed on the Sabbath.
Rejected the pseudo-righteous.
Claimed deity, forgiving sins.
Jesus embraced the outcasts.
Befriended the sinners.
Ate with the tax collectors. 
The rich asked to be part of His movement.
Jesus sent them away.
They came out of aspiration for things.
The poor weren’t even looking for Him.
Jesus sought them out and invited them in.
They had nothing but faith.
The religious called Him “rabbi.”
Wanted Him to be in their club.
Wanted to use Him for their own gain.
The irreligious were curious and intrigued.
This man clearly loved others.
Not like the religious people.
Religious people wouldn’t like Jesus.
Sinners wouldn’t desire Him.
Jesus came to shatter the world of both.
Jesus was counter-cultural.

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