Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In the pursuit of spreading your fame, 
I faint in the awkwardness of sharing Your name.
In light of my failures, I hang my head in shame
Wondering why my reaction is always the same.
At the bottom of it all I am concerned with my own acclaim
Instead of embracing the message that Jesus Christ, the Messiah, came.
How can I live like it’s a self-exalting game?
The pride of self-preservation, a most distressing sin.
If I can’t die to self, I am to be pitied above all men.
My desire to succeed, the competitive urge to win,
Seeks to exalt myself instead of glorifying Him.
I fear that moments in my life are wasted again and again,
Instead of finding satisfaction in Christ and God’s finished work in Him, 
Conquering sin, drawing men, all for Him. 
The God-Man on the tree broke the bonds of oppression 
He is seated by God making the intercessory connection.
He ransomed us from our fallen condition
We are called to pursue holiness and regard our sin with contrition 
That’s only possible through the Holy Spirit’s conviction.
At the Cross He brought us into His family through adoption
Christ is the Bridegroom and we are His bride, divorce is not an option.
When the Gospel was expressed, I realized it was His law that I transgressed.
My heart was pounding through my chest after my soul I had assessed.  
My mind was distressed. I knew that God was not impressed.
Therefore of my sin I confessed, and found that through Christ I have been blessed. 
Eternal life I have possessed. Now with His glory I am obsessed.
I never would have guessed that my life would be best 
when His name has been professed, nothing greater can I suggest.
God created us, the one that made every constellation,
but all because of sin we failed the soul examination.
We fell and became enslaved to some weak imitation,
Rather than regarding the thrice-Holy God with humble adoration.
Our thoughts were held captive to some disproportionate imagination.
Our thoughts of self-sufficiency became idolatrous infatuation.
But God, the Final Judge brought the Divine Accusation.
You must be born-again, given a whole new foundation.
Repent, believe, and confess and there will be NO condemnation.
Glory to God! He provided a way of salvation.
Glory to God! We reside as coheirs without fear of abrogation.
How does this not dominate our every conversation?